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Catching a fish alive from lung Indian child!!

اصطياد سمكة حية من رئة طفل هندي !!
Doctors were able to extract a small fish of lung Indian child of 12 years through surgery in India. It was reported that the child named Anil perilla swallowed a small fish when he was swimming in a river.

The doctors said that children often swallow small fish while swimming in the rivers and swamps, but the little fish that a length of about 11 cm, which swallowed the child Anil took its way to his lung Yemeni instead of arriving at his stomach, causing the deterioration of his health and sense of suffocation and pain in the chest , summoned his chest radiologic imaging, which revealed the existence of a moving object within the lung.

After subjecting the child to further tests by a scanner, it became clear that the presence of live fish moving in the right lung. Later, he underwent surgery to extract the fish is alive.

According to the newspaper "two announcements" Pakistani daily, The Indian doctor said Maud Jhower that he had not been in his life, a similar process during any medical experience since 20 years. This has improved the situation of children after the extraction of fish.

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