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Found dead at his home Spanish man after 20 years of his disappearance

العثور على جثة رجل إسباني بمنزله بعد 20 سنة من اختفائه
Found the remains of Spanish man in the corridor of his house in the north west of the village Kanezel, after twenty years of his death. Police were searching for evidence to determine the date of death of Vicente Benito Due to the quality of the coins and notes found in the history of the house of death may be due to long before the introduction of the euro in 2002.

Did not see one of the neighbors of Benito's neighbor 520 people in more than two decades and they were knocking on the door of his home did not respond to them, but they thought that he had left town and traveled to Portugal for his relatives and his nephew, but decided last week to break into his uncle's house and saw his uncle dead.

According to reports, Benito had reached the age of 73 years, that is, it disappeared while in his fifties and his ex-wife was static in the village is far from documented the disappearance of missing out in 1992. Neighbors did not smell any foul odor of the house and sends explained the existence of a barn attached to the wall directly.

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