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Pictures .. Madonna to «veil» to visit the mosques of Turkey

Turkish public was extraordinary to see the pop star Madonna, wearing modest clothing and head covering, because of the tour by the archaeological sites in Turkey, including antique ancient mosques, accompanied by her boyfriend Algerian Ibrahim Zibat.

The tour included the Madonna in the city of Istanbul, the Bosphorus and historical sites such as Hagia Sophia, the Mosque of Sultan Ahmed, who put Madonna and black scarf on her head when he entered, amid a large gathering of fans who tried to take pictures of the singer.

On the evening of yesterday, frisk more than 50 thousand fans of Star World to the tune of her songs at a concert in Istanbul, Turkey.

The Anatolia news agency reported that Turkish singer appeared on stage at at 10:20 minutes, took part in about 1500 a security guard at the theater, which was held in which the ceremony.

This is the first visit 19 years ago, which marks the Madonna concert in Turkey, and was revived before the singer concerts in Israel and the UAE as part of her art.

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