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American man dies on his way to bury his wife

أمريكي يفارق الحياة وهو في طريقه لدفن زوجته

Americans have died on his way to bury his wife, their children decided to immediately bury their father, along with their mother.

Norman wore Hendrickson (94 years), on Saturday, funeral clothes, and left his home in Cambridge in New York on his way to bury his wife, Gwen, who died earlier in about 98 years.

But when the car arrived to the burial site, Norman was dying before they die in the House of burial where people arrived to say goodbye to his wife.

The Director of the Dar Elizabeth Nicole Ross, in a television interview The Mrala, eldest daughter of the binary I asked her if it was possible buried her parents along with each other in the same room, I agreed father's body was prepared and put in a coffin.

The son of suspended paper in the main door to the hall ceremony started "surprise! That he is buried double."
The Norman and Gwen were married 66 years ago after a love story and a pledge that inseparable from each other.

Daughters said Norman was very sad after the death of his wife, and it was more than once mumbled words of love and prepared that encountered soon.

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