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Cheese made ​​from milk donkeys most expensive in the world

جبن مصنوع من ألبان الحمير الأغلى في العالم
Dairy cows are no longer luxury Dutch are the most expensive in the world, how much was the case before, where the lead extracted from other types of milk, a dairy, "donkeys." The most expensive types of cheese in the world that the price per kilogram than a thousand euros (1255 U.S. dollars) made ​​from the milk of asses, but not any donkeys, these donkeys living on a reservation, especially in Belgrade (the Serbian capital) and the milk that is produced is of high quality and can fetch up to € 40 per liter, according to producers.

This is not the first time that the circulation of news reports about the benefits of milk donkeys, In Germany, many homes have resorted to the use of plastic milk - especially cow's milk and donkey - the beautification of the skin and tighten.

He grew up a hotel in the city fishin southern Germany, specializing in providing applications "wellness and beauty," which is based on the fresh milk of cows, donkeys, and it has registered intellectual property rights of the term "milk Wellness" who invented.

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