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5 after they attacked Egyptian farmers ... farmer be able to wrestling a wolf and kill him

بعد أن هاجم 5 مزارعين...مزارع مصري يتمكن من مصارعة ذئب وقتله
Enable Egyptian farmer wrestling wolf and kill him, amid sugar cane fields in Luxor, and after that the wolf attacked the farmers 5.

The wolf attacked, farmers in the area of ​​the island of west Qurna, Luxor and was able to hit some of them, except that the farmer Mahmoud Temple, the last Egyptian citizen, was attacked by the wolf, the wolf struggled and managed to kill him using a big stick, beat out the wolf to kill him.

Thus, ended the farm state of terror prevailed among the farmers and the population as a result of repeated wolf attack on the region.

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