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New drugs are paid to eat human flesh

Miami police issued a warning of a new drug vehicle called the «Cloud Nine» after eating homeless man threatened two officers in the police and reported another incident in which the aggressor charges against another person. And called the police and the units to extreme caution after a second accident caused by harmful use of these drugs close to the grain «Ecstasy».

And stopped the homeless, Brandon De Leon (21 years) entered him in a restaurant is singing the insults. During the transfer to the police station hit his head with glass internal separator in the police car flagrant «Saklkm». Upon arrival at the police station claimed the Animals such as shouting and tried to bite a policeman in the hand. And forced the police to wear to a mask to prevent him from biting They tied his feet. Police warned in an internal memo that his case «similar incident occurred last week in Miami when a man devour another man's

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