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Years is a Palestinian place of sleep escaped death!

عريس فلسطيني غيّر مكان نومه فنجا من الموت!
Palestinian youth escaped from certain death when his sleep is the place hours before the Israeli bombing of his home in the Nusseirat refugee camp in central Gaza Strip

The young man said Ibrahim Feki «he was in the market, preparing himself for his wedding in two weeks, and when he returned late to the marital home decided to sleep on the floor and then woke up to the sound of an explosion is high, and found the door of the room deposed and glass scattered everywhere went out quickly to check on his family and found injuries in some of his relatives ».

He added: «after reassured my family and attributed to the Chamber met with the whole kit breaker and the door, television, refrigerator, kit cost me 1500 dinars».

For his part, said Mohammed el-father of the groom who was 7 of the members of his family that he praise God because he was not there any victims of the rocket landed on a blank portion of the house, adding that his house is far from any military sites does not know the cause of the bombing, described the scene of heavy bombardment , saying: I woke up I looked and found smoke billowing from the home of my son and I found two of my daughters and riddled with bleeding from the body of my son and also met my granddaughter «bottom of the board and found a family, women in the street».

He said: «After that confirmed that the total fine often praise God».

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