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British prison 23 days and deny access to Dubai for life because of "the kiss"

سجن بريطانية 23 يوما وحرمانها من دخول دبي مدى الحياة بسبب
According to the Sun newspaper that a British woman working in the field of real estate in Dubai, was jailed for 23 days and denied access to the Gulf emirate after being accused of exchanging a kiss in public with a friend.

The newspaper said that Charlotte Adams (28 years), I went to dinner at the luxury Jumeirah in Dubai, where a woman accused of kissing a man, the police and deposited in the central prison in Dubai with her ​​boyfriend, Ayman al-Najafi London, despite the undeniable hard to be done.

She added that the Dubai Police evacuated to Charlotte on bail after 10 hours in jail, but the court convicted her later and sentenced her to jail for 23 days and deported to Britain and banned for life from returning to Dubai, also condemned the right, working in the field of management consulting, and sentenced him to imprisonment for one month and deported to Britain and banned for life from returning to the UAE.

Quoted (Sun) to Charlotte, who moved to Dubai in 2008 to work as an agent real estate, as saying: "I ​​have not never anything wrong, and I found myself, however, surrounded by murderers and drug addicts in the prison of Dubai Central, which is the heart of my life upside down for 6 months." .

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