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An old British to quit smoking after 82 years

عجوز بريطانية تقلع عن التدخين بعد 82 عاما

Celebrated old British at the age of 102 years finally her birthday amid 4 generations of her family are totally different, and that through their success in quitting smoking after about 82 years, according to the press, "the Lancashire Evening Post" local.

The boot British, Clara Coyle, smoking a surprise to her children and grandchildren, who celebrated with her in a pub in Preston English what he described as "achievement", as they always advised him to quit smoking due to progress in life, despite the fact that their health by their own admission looks very well.

Coyle began, which was sewing work in the past, smoking in 1931 and since then accustomed to smoking two cigarettes or three times daily, which means they smoked so far more than 60 thousand cigarettes at least.

And proud of her children 4 the role played by their mother in their lives where succeeded in raising them despite the extreme poverty they suffered, especially in the period of World War II when he joined the British Army father.

The mother then forced to work in an ammunition factory so you can meet the needs of her children, who see that this suffering and responsibility is the secret behind the vitality and health of their mother until now.

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