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Dubai Briton faces jail for up to «15» years in prison for a woman to touch the back of the

Britain is facing Stephen Sheriff, "43" years in prison for a period of "3" to "15" years, accused of touching the back of a woman, and that in the Emirate of Dubai.


According to the newspaper The Sun, the Sheriff denies having touched the back of the women, while insist-old woman, "23" years to say that touching the tail and put his hand between her thighs when they were in a pub, and she had informed her boyfriend, who face a powerful punch to the Sheriff that to the ground, where the police came and arrested the two men, and charge to the Sheriff of sexual harassment.

However, the Sheriff, a businessman and father of an Irish resident of Dubai since the "9" years, he completely denies touching the back of the woman, while he admitted that he was drunk, and will appear in court on the fifth of June.

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