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Two killed in India after their town was attacked by hordes of poisonous spiders

مصرع شخصين بالهند إثر تعرض بلدتهم لهجوم من جحافل العناكب السامة
Two people were killed after exposure remote town located northeast of India under fierce attack from hordes of poisonous spiders. 

The network (CNN) News of America, dozens of deadly spiders attacked the residents of the town (Sadina) of the State of Assam, India, which led to the deaths of middle-aged man as well as a teenage boy.

She explained the network, that local authorities appealed to residents to stay in their homes sprayed with pesticides, noting that one of the wounded said that the bite of poisonous spiders led to a feeling of nausea and fatigue with severe swelling of the members.

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