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Falcon Mordant subjected to severe beatings and humiliation at the hands of a goose - Photos

صقر جارح يتعرض للضرب المبرح والإهانة على يد أوزة - صور
Taken these stunning images of the female falcon red (a species of prey hawks), which undergo fatigue and exhaustion and most of the big shock due to severe beatings she received a swim to reach the beach itself is dried in order to take a breath.
All began when a mistake Falcon in its calculation of the heat on one of their prey in one of the lakes are protected, "Nantes Ariane \ Nant yr Arian" in West Wales in Britain and hit the water that covered the entire terms of exploiting a goose and a hawk in the water and passed them by beating and kicking in order to protect the nest near the place they occur. I have been then pull the bird tired after this incident by a photographer who covered the event, where the strange drying, treatment and re-launch in good health and dignity wounded, but of course!!.

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