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Asian workers in the custody of the child rape of three years in Saudi Arabia

Riot Police Tabuk Saudi Arabia arrested an Asian worker works in the kindergarten Northern Area Armed Forces Hospital, Western charges of rape of a child of three years. He had expounded media spokesman Police Tabuk Major Khalid Ghabban it was reported to the police station red Tabuk book officer patrol group military police, including a tip for a resident on exposure-old daughter three years for sexual assault while in the presence Department kindergarten Armed Forces Hospital Tabuk by a staff of the nationality of an East Asian, an official delivery of meals and feeding to the nursery.

He was arrested the suspect on and off and to allocate to the branch of the Bureau of Investigation and Prosecution in the region is still under investigation, and according to some sources, that the offender has withdrawn a child that did not exceed three years and works her parents two doctors at the hospital to a warehouse and done I did terrible, and when the arrival of my father's child for delivery from the nursery end of the official working for the observed imbalance in the movement and put it to her fingers in her mouth and trembling from fear and asked the girl her mother to take them to the toilet, which saw blood stains and the remnants of semen, then he and her father moved immediately to the emergency department at the hospital, which has proved it after examination that the child suffered a sexual assault .

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