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Obama writes letter of apology to a student is absent from school because of

أوباما يكتب رسالة اعتذار لطالب تغيب عن المدرسة بسببه
The 11-year-old child from the state of Minnesota American good excuse to skip school, not a vision of the country's president as well as access to a letter signed by him.

Taylor Sullivan is absent from school on the first of yesterday to attend a speech by President Barack Obama in a factory in central north of the country and to see his father, a President submits to the workers.

His father, Ryan Sullivan of Veterans and worked for the Honeywell plant and urges Obama to take action to stimulate the employment of veterans after they leave military service according to the Post newspaper - Bulletin issued in the city of Rochester.

When Sullivan made ​​available to small shake Obama said that he was absent from the study, wrote the president a letter of apology to offer to the teacher. Obama wrote on a card sealed the presidential seal, "Mr. Ackerman, I hope you accept the excuse Tyler. It was me!".


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