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New scandal Womanizer Cristiano Ronaldo


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Italian press reports revealed that Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid icon plans to the rhythm of his fellow Ghanaian Prince Boateng AC Milan star in the company, and according to the website "" who conveyed the news from the Italian press.


Cristiano Ronaldo's sister undresses for Portuguese Magazine

شقيقة كريستيانو رونالدو تتعرى لمجلة برتغالية
Barcelona (EFE) - The sister star of Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portugueseplayer support by publishing pictures of her underwear that bears his name.

The player appeared sister Elma Aveiro dos Santos (37 yearsin the development of anexciting Bhmalh issued red pants and carrying a short internal name of the player on the cover of magazine (Hot MagazinePortuguese.

Elma has a shop devoted to the lines of men's underwear and women's named after her brother in Madeira near her family.

Also mentions that the Portuguese press has recently indicated that the stability PmadaraElma decided to stay next to her mother, Dolores, after the rumors about the CristianoRonaldo obliging them not to live with him at his home in Madrid at the behest of his companion's emotional, bar Irina Shaik.

Source: E F E
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