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The discovery of 3 brothers in Saudi Arabia do not have fingerprints

اكتشاف 3 أشقاء بالسعودية لا يحملون بصمات أصابع
Revealed the Saudi Interior Ministry about the presence of three brothers living with disease Saudis "Nigily", which is the lack of fingerprints hands, in the light of a study carried out by the laboratory management and administration of criminal identification Directorate General of Criminal Evidence in the ministry.

The newspaper "Riyadh" that these cases are rare in the world and affects a part of the family and in that case was the discovery of three brothers, one of the Saudi Kingdom's regions infected with the disease, a fifth case in the world.

She noted that the Assistant Interior Minister for Security Affairs Prince Muhammad bin Nayef issued directives to provide humanitarian services and the health of this family.

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