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British millionaire money is distributed in the streets of London!

مليونير بريطاني يوزع أموالاً في شوارع لندن !

The British millionaire unknown to walk the streets of London and give the people interviewed at random thousand pounds, leaving the card with the amount requested with significant amount of those who receive that spends money on something good. 

The theme of the Assembly, which established the millionaire, "We are fortunate." According to its website, has begun to founder in this project after it received a great wealth suddenly in 2010, and had intended at first to spend $ 400 thousand to book a trip to space on the lines of "Virgin Galactic" but after thinking Long changed his idea and felt embarrassed and canceled his trip and promised to use these funds for purposes best. 
The site says that people assume of course that there is a goal or a requirement but there is no hidden there any conditions or obligations only spend the money to do something good.

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