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Jackson's daughter: My father was forcing us to wear masks to live a normal childhood

ابنة مايكل جاكسون "برينس" في حفل تأبينه بمدنية لوس أنجلوس عام 2009 (Getty Images Entertainment)
Paris revealed (14 years), the daughter of the late pop singer Michael Jackson, that her father had intended to hide her two brothers and Blunkett and Prince of sight by being forced to wear masks as they crossed out of the house so as not to know in order to be able to live a normal childhood away from the fame and the limelight.

According to the magazine "Klozir" in the version that the French Paris confirmed that her father had loved his children, was not hard on his children as it was promoted by some error, but all they wanted was to live his children Childhood normal like all the children after that wasted his childhood in studios and in front the public and the television screens after the parties contest the singing at a young age.

Paris said that she was wearing masks, which they are able to exercise her two brothers and a normal life They were going to eat amid the masses of people in fast food restaurants and buy what they want from the shops of toys without harassment from the paparazzi cameras or photographers.

It is noteworthy that Paris, which was at the age of 11 years died when Michael Jackson in the June 25, 2009 I first started her career like her father but in the field of representation in the movie "Bridges of London and three keys."

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