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Airline passenger prevent the U.S. from traveling because her breasts exposed

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Prevented Southwest Airlines "Gizbial" one woman to travel to New York on the grounds that her breast exposed, asking them to shut down her shirt or button to step aside.

I have spoken Avital, who declined to give her full name on their experience, which she described as "embarrassing", saying the crew told her that their coats "inappropriate," and demanded that she shut down shirt button or stay aside.

She explained Avital, she was wearing a dress a black cotton, and therefore shirt transparent, along with a scarf around her neck, noting that the "crew Airlines seems they saw that the clothes were harmful to the crew check-out on the airline," stating that it refused their request to close button her shirt or stay aside, and tried to access to the gate to gain access to the aircraft.

The Avital: "The plane will not fall, and my chest would not interfere with or affect the performance of the aircraft and its ability," noting that the airline made her apology, and offered them financial compensation, as an initiative of goodwill, while underlining it to "their contract allows them to prevent the transfer of passengers who are their clothes off for obscenity or decent significantly. "

The spokesman said the name "Gizbial," Neil Christie: "The company provides a family atmosphere and comfortable for passengers on board the aircraft, and passengers must have the wisdom and the correct understanding of freedom to act out of respect for other clients"

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