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French trial "blind" drove a car while intoxicated!

محاكمة فرنسي
A French court sentenced a judicial citizen jailed and fined $ 500 euros for his car while intoxicated. Perhaps there is nothing interesting in this story but it is different if the citizen is also blind. The sentence was issued against the owner of the vehicle, who was sitting beside the driver is drunk, too. She drew the attention of the police patrol car issue Testimony meandering and slowly, stopped to be surprised that the leader blind. The driver admitted to the blind, who works in the media guilty, asserting in court that he would not shirk from his responsibility about it. But the attention of the judge that he finally achieved his dream of driving, even for a short time. The owner of the vehicle, a photographer, said he wanted to enter the joy to the heart of his friend, stressing that he had control of the situation, put his hand on the steering wheel was also a focus of his eyes, his sight on the road.

The judge according to the site «Russia Today» he decided that the proportion of alcohol in the blood of the photographer was twice the permitted and that it does not make him a coach driving in any case, he issued his withdrawal of his license for 5 months in what was described action by a driver's blind that he was «a threat of people and put their lives at risk ». It is worth mentioning that the driver's blind he had prepared a press report published in a local newspaper where he was seen driving a report in the images taken by a fellow photographer.

The late American singer Ray Charles, which is a world famous artists who lack the gaze of pedophiles drive cars. But he was not risked his life and the lives of any of those around him, led by his car in a public place, but he was driving his Cadillac in the large yard for that purpose. View from the film «perfume woman» Watch remembers one of the most influential when the blind retired colonel succeeded deceiving traffic policeman after being stopped for driving a Ferrari at high speed and suggested that he was controlled by the position and that the car under full control, while the young companion sitting next to him.

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