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Cameras to monitor wildlife depicting the error «Austrian diplomat» sex in the woods

The cameras monitor the wildlife in one of the forests in Austria by mistake filming "Austrian diplomat," having sex while in the forest.

Will receive the diplomat, who did not disclose his name on the compensation is estimated at 25 thousand dollars in case the Court held that the photography violated his privacy.

In the details of the story that thermal cameras especially equipped with sensor motor installed in the forest of "Katrina" in Austria and placed away from places frequented by the public to track the lives of wild animals and monitor their behaviors, picked up the process of sexual intercourse by the "diplomatic" rather than recording the behavior of animals.

At the time saw him as legal that the presence of cameras is contrary to the laws Austrian officials defended in the body that put cameras on their presence as necessary to record the feeding patterns of animals, noting that it is the first time in which they are set such behavior despite the deployment of cameras in the forests of several.

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