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Australian court reveal the mystery of the death of a baby girl after 32 years

محكمة استرالية تكشف لغز وفاة رضيعة بعد 32 عاما
After 32 years on the death of an infant in remote areas in Australia, revealed a physician legitimacy puzzle today (Tuesday) after it found that the dog Aldnju was responsible for the killing of baby Azaria Chamberlain case that sparked a split in public opinion, national and international newspapers figured.

The discovery ended a legal battle that lasted doctor three decades to achieve justice by Father Michael Chamberlain and Lindy Chamberlain for the mother who was sentenced to three years in prison in the death of her daughter before her acquittal at a later time.

Said Michael Chamberlain told reporters in Darwin, capital of the Northern Territory after the decision of the physician legitimacy "This was a terrible battle and bitter at times, but now there is some satisfaction and a chance to rest the spirit of our daughter."

Azaria disappeared on 17 August 1980 of tent camps in the land of a rock near the Uluru towering formerly known as Ayers Rock, one of the major tourist attractions in Australia. Were never found the body of Azaria.

The parents insisted on a novel that took her dog, a dog Aldnju Australian Barre.
  The Lindy Chamberlain, now known as Lindy Chamberlain Creighton told reporters outside the court, "certainly we feel comfortable and happy to reach the end of this saga."

Have been addressing the issue of infant Aldnju in the works of drama several times and turned into a film (A Cry in the Dark) starring Meryl Streep, Oscar-winning Streep has embodied the role of the mother Lindy Chamberlain.

The doctor discovered the legitimacy of the Northern Territory Elizabeth Morris evidence that the dog or dogs Aldnju responsible for the death of Azaria when she was 9 weeks and ruled that the writing on the death certificate, "was attacked and taken Aldnju dog."

Morris said "What happened on 17 August 1980 and was soon after put Ms. Azaria Chamberlain income in the tent, a dog or dogs Aldnju into the tent and took Azaria, carrying and dragging them from the area."

Morris and presented its condolences to the family in the courtroom Darwin.
She said the family "Please accept my sincere condolences on the death of your daughter Azaria ... time does not remove the pain and sadness of the death of a child."

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