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Employee shall be published nude photos of his ex-wife for refusing to waive their rights

Yahoo editor written
Employee blackmails his wife unparalleled views Dubai Public Prosecution accused the employees of Arab nationality in the third decade-old threat and blackmail his ex-wife

Showed details of the meeting, held by the Dubai Criminal Court on Sunday morning that a staff member threatened to squeeze out his ex-wife through the social networking sites on the Internet and send images in a personal situation indecent, to force it to give up her dowry to the family court, according to The Union of the UAE.

Prosecutors accused the employee assault on the principles and family values ​​published photographs relating to the inviolability of private life of the victim through the Web site and means of information technology, and photos of the victim when she was discharged.

The papers in the lawsuit, according to the say the victim, an employee of 30 years of age, she married the defendant on 14 July. After two weeks of marriage, a dispute between them over its refusal to extract a car for her husband's behalf over their financing from the bank in which they operate.

And the evolution of the dispute to filing for divorce against the husband of the damage, adding that the ex-husband agreed to divorce condition for waiving all her rights, refused the offer.

She added that the ex-husband threatened to tarnish its reputation in front of her family, friends and colleagues at work and their relatives through the publication of images on Web sites.

The defendant began to send messages from their e-mail, which took him to her manager and her colleagues at work claims she left work and it is currently a dancer in a nightclub.

She said the victim that the defendant sent naked pictures to several locations and has put its image on the site "Facebook", claiming that her name Maram and 20 years old and they want to hear about young people.

For his part, said the father of the victim that the defendant had telephoned him and asked him to ask his daughter the victim to give up its legal rights in order to complete the divorce proceedings and that in the event of refusal so it would turn her life into hell in order to prefer death to life and that distort its reputation at work and in front of her family through the publication of images on the Web. d

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