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Lady Gaga: I will be happy if it made ​​the whole world is gay

ليدي غاغا

Topped the controversial singer Lady Gaga on the cover of the magazine "Maxim" Australia's number in July 2012, and spoke in the interview about her love for Britney Spears and her dream of making the world "all gay".

Kim Kardashian: lost my virginity at the age of 15 years

كيم كارداشيان
In a statement bold and sudden, recognized the reality TV star Kim Kardashian media in her interview with Oprah Winfrey that her mother has agreed to use contraception as he has 15 years!

Rare pictures of Britain 80 years ago taken by pilots of World War I

Has been thousands of images that show many of the features of Britain during the first half of the last century for the first time on the internet and show these pictures famous landmarks in London and other cities.

With large feet and with four legs .. Photos from the last century to people with disabilities and forms of strange

The following photos show a group of people with disabilities and strange forms taken by photographer Charles Eisenman during the middle of the last century in New York.

French trial "blind" drove a car while intoxicated!

محاكمة فرنسي
A French court sentenced a judicial citizen jailed and fined $ 500 euros for his car while intoxicated. Perhaps there is nothing interesting in this story but it is different if the citizen is also blind. The sentence was issued against the owner of the vehicle, who was sitting beside the driver is drunk, too. She drew the attention of the police patrol car issue Testimony meandering and slowly, stopped to be surprised that the leader blind. The driver admitted to the blind, who works in the media guilty, asserting in court that he would not shirk from his responsibility about it. But the attention of the judge that he finally achieved his dream of driving, even for a short time. The owner of the vehicle, a photographer, said he wanted to enter the joy to the heart of his friend, stressing that he had control of the situation, put his hand on the steering wheel was also a focus of his eyes, his sight on the road.


British millionaire money is distributed in the streets of London!

مليونير بريطاني يوزع أموالاً في شوارع لندن !

The British millionaire unknown to walk the streets of London and give the people interviewed at random thousand pounds, leaving the card with the amount requested with significant amount of those who receive that spends money on something good. 


Bus Monitor Karen Klein bullied by vile school children:Video raises a stir in America

After 24 hours of the onset photographer clip on "YouTube" in which a group of students ridiculed without mercy Musharfah of an old school bus, he was able sympathizers yesterday to raise about 280 thousand dollars (a whopping 222 thousand euros) in order to spend the holiday entertainment.

Pakistani mother gives birth to twins 8 females

أم باكستانية تنجب 8 توائم إناث
I was born a woman 8 female twins, in the Pakistani city of Peshawar

British school ask pupils to write "a suicide note!"

مدرسة بريطانية تطلب من تلامذتها كتابة

British school has apologized after a request from teachers his students to write a letter, I thought the mother of one of them that it was a suicide note.


Picasso paintings sold at auction by more than ten million euros

Sold to the panel "Women sitting" by Pablo Picasso embodying Habiba Spanish painter Françoise pregnant Gilo their daughter Paloma, in exchange for 8.553 million pounds (10.58 million euros) on Wednesday during an auction in London, according to those in charge of the event.

Plane of the Indonesian forces hit with 8 homes east of Jakarta

Hit the plane belonging to the Indonesian military forces on Thursday, with 8 houses near the airport Halim Perdanakusuma east of the capital Jakarta, is not yet known how many people on board.

Airline passenger prevent the U.S. from traveling because her breasts exposed

شركة طيران تمنع راكبة أمريكية من السفر لأن صدرها مكشوف
Prevented Southwest Airlines "Gizbial" one woman to travel to New York on the grounds that her breast exposed, asking them to shut down her shirt or button to step aside.

Stop the website of the Czech parliament after putting him pornographic clips

ايقاف الموقع الالكتروني للبرلمان التشيكي بعد وضع مقاطع اباحية عليه

Page has been shut down temporarily the Czech parliament after the lifting of some pornographic content him, and according to local media.

Australian judiciary allows the largest open house of "prostitution" in the country!

القضاء الاسترالي يسمح بفتح اكبر بيت

Australian judiciary allowed to open the largest brothel in the country after the project was not rejected on moral grounds, but for fear of eliminating competition in this area.

Will be able brothel «Stiletto» in Sydney from room to double the number of forty, making it the largest institution of its kind in Australia after the owner received permission from the Court of Appeal.


A supermarket in Germany offering "discounted prices" to customers who come to the first naked!

سوبرماركت في ألمانيا يقدم

Dozens of Germans and the Danes are ready for anything to get the vouchers submitted to the first customers who come naked when you open the doors of a supermarket in northern Germany on what police said.


Win a car after the paste by hand for 87 hours


Seems to be driving a luxury car only requires the design, which required more money, where he managed a Chinese man to win the BMW car after he stuck his hand out for 87 hours in a strange competition of its kind.

«Sleeping Beauty» fall asleep for two months continuous

Hit British girl named Michelle (14 years), Klein Levin syndrome or the so-called sleeping beauty, which displays them to sleep for months at a time. This syndrome is very rare and suffered only a thousand people around the world, and Michelle is the second case that catch it in Britain. 
Michelle and remained dormant for the duration of examinations and even the school holidays for two months continuous. 

Anonymous launched a new attack on the U.S. Department of Defense

Al Arabiya News Channel

A group Pirates of computers called "Wikiboat" a pirate famous in the world Anonymous, translated "anonymous", onslaught of new data and U.S. Department of Defense through the site its on Friday and has published a set of location data over the Internet.

Cameras to monitor wildlife depicting the error «Austrian diplomat» sex in the woods

The cameras monitor the wildlife in one of the forests in Austria by mistake filming "Austrian diplomat," having sex while in the forest.

Egyptian butcher slaughtered his wife and shows her flesh in his place as a lamb!

جزار مصري يذبح زوجته ويعرض لحمها في محله على أنه لحم خروف!
The Egyptian butcher slaughters his wife in the bathroom of the house and after the differences between them


America: all the face of a man who ate parts of it by another

Published by the American media the first pictures of Ronald Bobo, who had already eaten his face by a man of blacks was excited.

The discovery of 3 brothers in Saudi Arabia do not have fingerprints

اكتشاف 3 أشقاء بالسعودية لا يحملون بصمات أصابع
Revealed the Saudi Interior Ministry about the presence of three brothers living with disease Saudis "Nigily", which is the lack of fingerprints hands, in the light of a study carried out by the laboratory management and administration of criminal identification Directorate General of Criminal Evidence in the ministry.


China: Save the girl was hanging from the balcony: Video

A man risked his life in southern China to save the child from falling leading to certain death from an apartment on the fourth floor. 

Australian court reveal the mystery of the death of a baby girl after 32 years

محكمة استرالية تكشف لغز وفاة رضيعة بعد 32 عاما
After 32 years on the death of an infant in remote areas in Australia, revealed a physician legitimacy puzzle today (Tuesday) after it found that the dog Aldnju was responsible for the killing of baby Azaria Chamberlain case that sparked a split in public opinion, national and international newspapers figured.

Video: Lady Gaga suffering from concussion after a blow to the head in New Zealand

صورة أرشيفية لليدي جاجا خلال تأديتها في حفل محطة MTV لجوائز الموسيقي الأوروبية في أيرلندا في 2011 (AP)
Lady Gaga - Hit in the head during Judas, Auckland, New Zealand 10-6-12


Jackson's daughter: My father was forcing us to wear masks to live a normal childhood

ابنة مايكل جاكسون "برينس" في حفل تأبينه بمدنية لوس أنجلوس عام 2009 (Getty Images Entertainment)
Paris revealed (14 years), the daughter of the late pop singer Michael Jackson, that her father had intended to hide her two brothers and Blunkett and Prince of sight by being forced to wear masks as they crossed out of the house so as not to know in order to be able to live a normal childhood away from the fame and the limelight.

Announced her death .. but woke up in the company buried the dead!

عامل في مشرحة في ليون في 2003
One of the doctors declared the death of a woman in the eighty-seventh in the west of Paris to be seen three-quarters of the time it is alive and kicking after transfer to the company to bury the dead on the police said.

Employee shall be published nude photos of his ex-wife for refusing to waive their rights

Yahoo editor written
Employee blackmails his wife unparalleled views Dubai Public Prosecution accused the employees of Arab nationality in the third decade-old threat and blackmail his ex-wife


The ugliest man in the world presents to those who challenge him $ 10000

أبشع رجل في العالم يعرض 10000 دولار لمن يتحداه
Tang Huckan aged 43 years, may seem like the world of the vilest men on earth, but Shana and his face made ​​him enter the Guinness Book as the person who can only be the face and stringy.

Briton stabbed to death by his father because he thought that a vampire

بريطاني يطعن والده حتى الموت لاعتقاده بأنه مصاص دماء
The oldest British man stabbed his father to death for his belief that a vampire.

Falcon Mordant subjected to severe beatings and humiliation at the hands of a goose - Photos

صقر جارح يتعرض للضرب المبرح والإهانة على يد أوزة - صور
Taken these stunning images of the female falcon red (a species of prey hawks), which undergo fatigue and exhaustion and most of the big shock due to severe beatings she received a swim to reach the beach itself is dried in order to take a breath.


Admirers star «Justin Bieber» cause in the case of an emergency channel «ITV» British

British 300 girls tried to break into the studio channel "ITV", which was located where the star "Justin Bieber" in the capital London.

New drugs are paid to eat human flesh

Miami police issued a warning of a new drug vehicle called the «Cloud Nine» after eating homeless man threatened two officers in the police and reported another incident in which the aggressor charges against another person. And called the police and the units to extreme caution after a second accident caused by harmful use of these drugs close to the grain «Ecstasy».

«No. Satan» .. Banned in Sweden

Sky News
Swedish authorities forced a man to change the number "666" on his car, saying it symbolizes the devil.

Pictures .. Madonna to «veil» to visit the mosques of Turkey

Turkish public was extraordinary to see the pop star Madonna, wearing modest clothing and head covering, because of the tour by the archaeological sites in Turkey, including antique ancient mosques, accompanied by her boyfriend Algerian Ibrahim Zibat.

Amusement game save British girl from certain death!

لعبة ملاهي تنقذ فتاة بريطانية من موت محقق!
Caused the game to within one of the amusement parks in the survival of a British girl from certain death. The Emma Bassett (19 years) suffering severe headaches and dizziness as a result of her brain tumor is about to kill it before getting in the game known as the (roller coaster).

Brazilian child wakes up from the dead students a glass of water from his father and then die again!

طفل برازيلى يستيقظ من الموت طالباً كوب ماء من والده ثم يموت مجدداً!
While all family members gathered in a state of sadness about the coffin of their child's two-year "Kelvin," which was handed over to them the hospital in a plastic bag after the announcement of his death after a failed operation in the respiratory, if the child stand up sitting in his casket open one hour before the date of the funeral, to ask from his father a cup of water, then falls asleep to come back to die again.


Years is a Palestinian place of sleep escaped death!

عريس فلسطيني غيّر مكان نومه فنجا من الموت!
Palestinian youth escaped from certain death when his sleep is the place hours before the Israeli bombing of his home in the Nusseirat refugee camp in central Gaza Strip

British prison 23 days and deny access to Dubai for life because of "the kiss"

سجن بريطانية 23 يوما وحرمانها من دخول دبي مدى الحياة بسبب
According to the Sun newspaper that a British woman working in the field of real estate in Dubai, was jailed for 23 days and denied access to the Gulf emirate after being accused of exchanging a kiss in public with a friend.

Teenager kills himself by accident before the eyes of visitors to chat room

تريفور جورج
Launched a U.S. college student shot himself accidentally while he was in one of the chat rooms, Nebraska, before the eyes of the rest of the speakers who have failed to save him for the use of the dead man under a pseudonym on the Internet and their ignorance of the true identity.


Two killed in India after their town was attacked by hordes of poisonous spiders

مصرع شخصين بالهند إثر تعرض بلدتهم لهجوم من جحافل العناكب السامة
Two people were killed after exposure remote town located northeast of India under fierce attack from hordes of poisonous spiders. 

Found dead at his home Spanish man after 20 years of his disappearance

العثور على جثة رجل إسباني بمنزله بعد 20 سنة من اختفائه
Found the remains of Spanish man in the corridor of his house in the north west of the village Kanezel, after twenty years of his death. Police were searching for evidence to determine the date of death of Vicente Benito Due to the quality of the coins and notes found in the history of the house of death may be due to long before the introduction of the euro in 2002.

Argentine city plans to distribute 10 thousand whistle on women to avoid rape

مدينة أرجنتينية تعتزم توزيع 10 آلاف صافرة على السيدات لتجنب الاغتصاب
Plans to the city of Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina, south of, the distribution of 10 thousand whistle on the ladies, in order to be used to alert when the occurrence of any sexual assaults on them, after he was reported last month for three crimes of this kind in the region.

Algerian break teeth because of his wife with a hammer out of the house without his knowledge

جزائرى يحطم أسنان زوجته بالمطرقة بسبب خروجها من المنزل بدون علمه

Algerian husband did not find any way to express his anger to his wife because of her going out of the house without his knowledge only to break her teeth with a hammer.


Russian woman sentenced to prison for 20 years convicted of murdering 17 women in 8 years

الحكم بسجن إمرأة روسية 20 عامًا أدينت بقتل 17 امرأة خلال 8 سنوات
A court in Russia's Urals region 20-year prison sentence against a woman convicted of murdering 17 women during 8 years old.

5 after they attacked Egyptian farmers ... farmer be able to wrestling a wolf and kill him

بعد أن هاجم 5 مزارعين...مزارع مصري يتمكن من مصارعة ذئب وقتله
Enable Egyptian farmer wrestling wolf and kill him, amid sugar cane fields in Luxor, and after that the wolf attacked the farmers 5.

Cheese made ​​from milk donkeys most expensive in the world

جبن مصنوع من ألبان الحمير الأغلى في العالم
Dairy cows are no longer luxury Dutch are the most expensive in the world, how much was the case before, where the lead extracted from other types of milk, a dairy, "donkeys." The most expensive types of cheese in the world that the price per kilogram than a thousand euros (1255 U.S. dollars) made ​​from the milk of asses, but not any donkeys, these donkeys living on a reservation, especially in Belgrade (the Serbian capital) and the milk that is produced is of high quality and can fetch up to € 40 per liter, according to producers.

China imposed a fine record of $ 205 thousand dollars on a couple gives birth to second child

Chinese authorities imposed a fine record and unprecedented in the history of the country amounted to 205 thousand dollars on the Chinese and his wife gives birth to second child, in contravention of the policy of "one-child" used in the huge Asian country.

U.S. deaf child the joy of hearing the voice of his mother for the first time - video

فرحة طفل أمريكي أصم بسماع صوت أمه لأول مرة - فيديو
Detect video posted on the website "YouTube", for a moment of humanity wonderful, reflected the joy of a child of two years only, while the mystery of the moment shaking emotions and shed tears from the eyes, is that the deaf child has been able to hear the voice of his mother for the first time in his life.

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