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American man accused of sexually assaulting a woman sleeping plane


Attorney General's Office said the partial U.S. authorities and charged with sexual assault of a man from the state of New Jersey, is suspected of having "attacked the woman, while she was sleeping on a plane."

Bauer was arrested Iksal on August 21 / Aug., upon arrival at the Newark Airport in New Jersey, according to the indictment, he was sitting next to a woman on a flight lines "United" air from Phoenix to Newark.

A statement to the Attorney General's office in the state of New Jersey: "while the plane was flying, woke the woman covered in sleep, and put Coat above her legs, my hands Iksal inside her shirt and between her legs, and had insisted it be accepted."

Located cases of sexual assault on board a U.S. aircraft, within the jurisdiction of the federal government, which has exclusive jurisdiction on all these cases so that occurred outside U.S. airspace and land.

The statement said that Iksal, if convicted, could face a maximum penalty of life imprisonment, and a fine of up to $ 250 thousand.

On Thursday, Judge Madeline Cox identified Orliu bail of 100 thousand dollars in the case of Iksal, who is still in detention, according to Matthew Riley of the U.S. Attorney's Office in the state of New Jersey.

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