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Rats devour seven infants House orphanage in Algeria

House shaken children paramedics Municipality Biar, Algiers, on the impact of the incident in terms of caliber oldest rat tampering seven infants as young as one and a half months and brutal manner, through Edhm in different parts of the body, and especially to the face and neck.

The newspaper reported'' day'' Algerian director Aldar be denied wounds registered on the faces of infants who did rodents and trumped up charge for a little girl unknown mother and father called'' Katirna'' she known a lot of movement, was able to sneak to ward infants which includes 15 babies, exploiting the absence of the incubator, which left her workplace to wash'' bottles'' some infants at play with them during the absence of the nanny, before returning and confirm that the child and during Played with infants has some that intervened nanny as a surprise, to shock the situation that was infants, prompting evacuation of urgency to train hospital where they were vaccinated to avoid any complications.

On the other hand, did not deny the same spokeswoman presence infiltration and perpetual motion of the rats inside the rooms and suites of different for one reason is that the windows remain open and overlooks the garden with trees and bushes and plants, noting that the security interests of Abyar had opened an investigation elementary in the case that she was sure that the results of the investigation will be in their favor.

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