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Macaulay Culkin in the 32 year: from patent "was alone in the house" to year loss

Do you remember the baby Macaulay Culkin, who famously starred in a series of films on my own at home Home Alone, which has many predicted that broadcasts to fame in the art world, but Culkin could not maintain his stardom. On the occasion of birthday celebrations of 32, saw artistic career Culkin
وحدي في المنزل

The famous Macaulay Culkin when he was ten years old, where he starred in the first part of the film series "alone at home" and that the body of the child Kevin, who forgets his family at home and traveling for a holiday New Year's Day without him and, following events to find himself in the face with a ring in Comedy template. The film then huge profits amounted to $ 476 million and described Culkin most famous child star in the world.
Saturday Night Liveثاني ظهور …
In 1991, Macaulay Culkin participated in the program the famous Saturday Night Live to be so a smaller program at all subscribers. Culkin episode marked the comedian best known for his sense Culkin, especially in the paragraph that compiled with the famous actor Mike Myers and appeared together in a bathtub secured in the joint technical drawing board. He was Culkin and then only 11 years.
Richie Richفيلم
Culkin feet first individual championships in several films, including “Richie Rich”, "Getting Even With Dad," and "The Pagemaster," And high revenues but they were not in the expected level of Culkin. Culkin said in a meeting with the media famous Larry King that the experience was the main reason for his decision art when he was at the age of 14.

زواج كولكن في سن الـ 17
In 1998, Culkin emotionally linked Bzmilth actress Rachel Miner and the duo decided to formally complete their wedding, despite their youth, which did not exceed the 17th time. The Culkin after dispensing with his father as both general manager of the work, a decision that caused his family his province, but it came between the two courts where Culkin's father demanded custody of the funds his minor son. Worth mentioning that marriages Culkin lasted for only two years.
Party Monsterعودة كولكن للتمثيل …
Although his decision representation, Culkin decided to return again after an absence of 10 years through the film Party Monster, who personified the true story of a young man addicted to New York City is facing a murder charge. Culkin's return is completely different from what accustomed to his audience, which remained in their minds the image of a young child comedian. Film did not achieve any notable success did not exceed its revenues million dollars when it was introduced in cinemas.
ماكولاي كولكن
In 2004, was arrested on Macaulay Culkin in the U.S. city of Oklahoma because of possession of drugs and ruled the trial fined him $ 540 fine along with imprisonment penalty suspended.
ماكولاي كولكن مع ناتالي ب …
Since that incident, he became Culkin few appearing in the technical events. But returned to the spotlight again in 2010 during the Vanity Fair party on the sidelines of the Oscars ceremony, where pictures of Culkin accompanied by actress Natalie Portman, which has a strong friendship with Culkin.
كولكن وإدمان الهيروين
Kolkon rammed his fans and has published his audience in the media last February and appeared pale and very sick and make sure that Culkin is suffering from heroin addiction, according to reports published at the time health.
ماكولاي كولكن مع سيث جرين
In May, he returned Culkin to appear again after undergoing rehabilitation for treatment of addiction, where he appeared Culkin with actor Seth Green at a party in New York City on the occasion of the series of cartoons Robot Chicken is the idea of ​​Green and co Culkin commented voice to one of the characters miniseries. Despite the appearance of Culkin better health, but Culkin seemed eccentric private use "red nail polish" and draw attention to it.
ماكولاي كولكن
Macaulay Culkin

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