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Steal a car of the Republican Guard in front of the home of Egyptian President

سرقة سيارة للحرس الجمهوري من أمام منزل الرئيس المصري

Intensify the eastern province of Investigation "45 km northeast of Cairo" efforts; to adjust the perpetrators caught stealing a car guard belonged to the Republican Guard, while they are outside the house of the Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi in Zagazig, the capital of the province.

The director of the Eastern security has received a communication of stealing a car belonging to the Republican Guard, a private guard crew, while they are in front of the home of President Morsi, area "Villas university" in Zagazig.

And was immediately formed a research team to quickly adjust the perpetrators of the incident, and return the stolen car, and notified the Public Prosecutor, who took over the investigation.

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