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In Hong Kong billionaire displays $ 65 million to the man who wins the heart of his daughter's homosexuality!

ملياردير في هونغ كونغ يعرض 65 مليون دولار للرجل الذي يفوز بقلب ابنته المثلية!

Show in Hong Kong billionaire for $ 65 million man who succeeds to win the heart of his daughter gay sex and convince her to marry him after the daughter announced she married her partner for seven years.

The newspaper "South China Morning Post that" after it announced Gigi Zhao personal social-known in Hong Kong she was married her friend for seven years Shan Yves in France, launched her father Cecil Chao, property developer and owner of the shipping company giant Chuck Nang, a popular campaign for her marriage to a man .

Not convinced Cecil (76 years), who married three women and known his multiple relations, at first the news of her friend's daughter from the marriage. No sooner that the $ 65 million to the man who wins her heart and convince her to marry him.

He stressed that he does not mind "that he is rich or poor, is even more important to be gracious and his big heart."
It is known that gay marriage is banned in Hong Kong.

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