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Indian sells her three daughters for "2 pounds"!

هندية تبيع بناتها الثلاث مقابل

Woman sold Indian state of West Bengal (eastern India), her three daughters for 185 rupees (£ 2) when chased her drunken husband out of the house.

Purnima reached Halder, 35 years, to the point of poverty and misery, lost her hope in their ability to provide food for her daughters, according to a report by the newspaper "Daily Mail" British publishing

Purnima sold her daughters, aged 10 years and 8 years, while the third gave her daughter (4 years) for buyers "for free."
According to the paper, police recovered three girls and placed them in an orphanage, after residents reported in village Malancha in neighboring Enyora, women sold their daughters because of poverty.

A local policeman said the search for the three girls and found them and took not a little time, and continued: "are now in a shelter. Has been expelled Purnima outside her home. Was difficult for them to provide food for them. Advised someone to sell their daughters."

He continued: "I have not been arrested because buyers did we receive any complaint against them."
Have been imprisoned husband - named Uttam which works plumber - in custody at a later time, and charged with torturing his wife and daughters.

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