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Pakistani family demanding repeal the marriage of her daughter on the pretext that the groom .. Woman

عائلة باكستانية تطالب بإبطال زواج إبنتها بحجة أن العريس.. إمرأة
I was surprised Pakistani court when he claimed with a girl married without the consent of her family that the groom is in fact a woman and subjecting students to examine sex determination.
The Pakistani media that the family of "Aisha Pat" filed a complaint before a court in Lahore against her husband "Shahzad Pat" to demand the abolition of marriage after accusing him of kidnapping the girl.
But Aisha saw before the Court that it married Shahzad willingly and out of love and do not want to return to her family.
Suddenly, during the trial, shouted the girl's uncle, Corporal Pat, that Shahzad is in fact a woman named Sonia works with a prostitution ring exploiting girls, and asked the judge to undergo a test to make sure of the same sex.
However, the judge said that the power of the Court to request a similar examination is outside the kidnapping charges against the pair denied the wife, and asked the family to provide requested relevant in a circle.
Shahzad has denied flatly told reporters that the woman.

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