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The opening of a school in Spain to teach prostitution!

افتتاح مدرسة في اسبانيا لتعليم الدعارة!
It's a new school and unique, then it is not learn girls account and the like, but also how to sell their bodies. It is the first Spanish school for prostitution have been opened in Valencia, where you pay the student or the student hundred euros for a basic course in professional prostitution and maximum privacy.

School called 'Oh Turabakhu! », Which can be translated as' I want to work!», Which offer training courses for both sexes with the art of Kama Sutra or how to use the tools of citizenship. And provide wishing at this school for two hours a day during which he listens to lectures «guarantee them work almost downright.

But this institution, which has faced since its inception the opposition of the local population, has since May show ads on advertising courses in and around Valencia, which led to lodge a complaint against them by the local government because of promotion and advertising for prostitution.

This school take advantage of the desperate situation for women who are trying to pass through the crisis, and therefore can not lure, and this is not never be tolerated as Esther Lubbers said Barcelo, an MP for the party Azkoerd Unida (United Left).

But the court rejected this claim last Friday, he has not found any evidence that publicity focused on minors mentioned, or that it directly promotes prostitution.

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