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British accept the participation of her boyfriend with another man!!

بريطانية تقبل بمشاركة حبيبها مع رجل آخر!!

Most women suffer for the idea to share her boyfriend with another woman, but the British Judy Kradriq, did not consider it a problem, but not even agreed to share her boyfriend with another man.

The newspaper "The Sun" British about Kradriq, nurse assistance from the city of Bristol, as saying that "my darling Jazz Garrett with another man similar to the Convention on joint custody."

And added Kradriq (22 years), "seen on other cultures, a man linked to several people, and I think that this situation is similar."
She said, "I know that this method is not optimal, but I love the Jazz (22 years), but this is the only way to be with him .. Let ".
It pointed out that "Jazz disclosed to me that he like me after two years on our relationship," adding "I was in love madly I chose forgiveness, although I A_i_tt furious when she learned."

She said, "I now share it with another man" named Tommy William.
It is noteworthy that most women refuse to share her boyfriend with one another, is that Kradriq and agreed to meet with Garrett and William, are agreed and William to share their love for Garrett, where can each and every one of them to see him for two days a week.

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