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Israel make a formal request to Egypt to buy 100 A "donkey"!

إسرائيل تتقدم بطلب رسمي إلى مصر لشراء 100 ألف

Dr. Mohamed Abdel Zaher Fahmy, Professor of Veterinary Medicine, Israel sent a formal request to Egypt, several weeks ago, requesting the import of 100 thousand donkey to use the skin in some scientific research on cancer.

Said Abdul Zahir Agency "Arab Information Network" Palestinian news agency, it's not the first time that asking Western countries import donkeys Egyptian for use in medical research, adding that he has already asked for a Japanese company one million donkey Egyptian to produce medicine from the skin of donkeys, explaining that the Egyptian government rejected the Israeli offer.

It is worth mentioning that the company "Kumho" Japanese pharmaceutical industry has made ​​an offer to the Egyptian government almost two years ago ordered million donkey, in a financial deal estimated at half a billion dollars.

The company confirmed, in view, that the aim of the deal is to draw material from donkey skins used in the Japanese drug industry is being exported to a number of East Asian countries, having reached more than one type of donkeys in the end concluded that the most appropriate.

Has conducted extensive research on the different types of donkeys, including Indian, Thai and Vietnamese and U.S. and Afghan, it is clear that skin ass Egyptian sang most of the material you're looking for company, and thanks to the thickness of his skin.

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