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Russian teenager trying to rob a bank to spend money on a suicide!

مراهقة روسية تحاول سرقة مصرف لتنفق المال على انتحارها !

Russian teenager tried to rob bank to spend money on travel from her hometown, and thereafter to commit suicide, according to the news agency quoted Russian "RIA Novosti" Russian Bureau of Investigation, which published some of the confessions girl after her arrest.

The sources confirmed that the Russian authorities announced that the girl (14 years old), wearing a mask and armed with a knife, tried to rob a bank in Izhevsk, the capital of the Russian republic of Udmurtia. He added that "attempt failed, after the successful bank guards arresting."

The FBI said that "the girl said it wanted to use the money she would have received from the robbery to leave the city in which they live, and then to kill herself." The office pointed out that "the girl did attributed to trying to get rid of her parents tyrants." Referred to as the girl faces a prison term of 15 years, if found guilty.

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