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After the duck and a cow .. Dog being raped in Turkey!!

بعد البطة والبقرة.. كلب يتعرض للاغتصاب في تركيا !!

The residents of a neighborhood in Istanbul to collect signatures on a petition to expel a man set while he was raping a dog, the center of media attention for the remarkable and reports on cases of rape animals in Turkey, most recently raped duck and a cow.

The newspaper said "Rdhikal" Turkish population modern Otasihir district on the outskirts of Istanbul collecting signatures to expel a man from the neighborhood set raping a dog after Gillo just convicted and released on bail after a short time.

The residents said in the petition that they do not want to live with a person accused of establishing a sexual relationship with an animal, as well as raising a dog owner victim lawsuit against the rapist, accusing him of violating the rights of his personal property and rape his dog, and was reported similar cases of sexual abuse against animals drew attention the media in Turkey, and was most recently the man in Anatolia raping a cow, as well as someone else stopped usurps control duck. Under Turkish law to pay convicted in similar cases to ensure no more than $ 138, but is preparing for new amendments to the Criminal Code to include prison sentences for those who tortured or raped animals and raise the value of the guarantee.

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