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U.S. kills himself by mistake during his commentary on the way to commit suicide

U.S. man died in South Carolina after that fired bullets on the head by mistake as stated in the official statement to the state police.

The channel (W. Bede II) that local men fired on the head with a handgun was in his possession after dissatisfaction with the method of suicide was watching the movie character.
The news report that James Gagom (43 years) mocked the way suicide Representative in the film and explaining to those around him position optimal for suicide shot in the head and through the commentary surprised everyone exit gunshot from the gun which is supposed to be empty, to settle in the skull Gagom.
And one of the witnesses who attended the tragedy that Gagom has pressing the trigger three times which explain the best position to catch the gun for anyone who wants to commit suicide, but they were surprised by the exit of the third shot with the pressure.

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