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American woman arrested four times in 26 hours!

اعتقال امرأة أمريكية أربع مرات فى 26 ساعة!

No one knows what made Joyce Kofi the U.S. state of New Hampshire operates loud music after each arrest and then throwing one of their loved ones by frying pan detained her again.

Police said they had arrested Kofi four times in 26 hours to play the song "Highway to Hell", and other songs in her home and throwing one of their relatives who came to collect some luggage from home.

Police have warned women initially in her home, but came to a phone call an hour after complaining of loud music, which operated Kofi arrested her.

Then arrested her after five hours for the second time and released her, then arrested her for the third time before dawn Wednesday because of the loud music again.
Police then arrested her fourth time when threw one of their relatives, who came to take some luggage from his home by frying pan, and detained Kofi Friday and could not be reached for comment.

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