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Video .. The only animal that does not die!

قنديل البحر من فصيلة توريتوبسيس (2)
May seem idea legendary suitable for a science fiction movies, but there are already being real scientists have discovered that it does not die, and his name is Turritopsis nutricula, or so-called "EFCT," Scientists have warned of invasion silent for this object, which started breeding alarmingly in some areas , and the problem is that it feeds on fish eggs, which could severely affect fisheries in the world in the future, according to newspaper reports. 

But how will be the case with an object multiplies not die naturally?!
To answer this question, you must first understand the life cycle of the jellyfish that we know (the ones that scare us from the stings on the beach), where it passes any jellyfish stages of growth:
- The stage of immaturity or the so-called phase coral polyps, when the jellyfish being very simple.
- Adulthood or maturity when this lamp can multiply and produce other jellyfish sea.
It is natural that passes any jellyfish stage of immaturity, maturity, and then death, but could EFCT through that stage versa!
The sense that it's just that up to adulthood can return to the stage of immaturity again, then maturity and immaturity and so .., so you do not reach the stage of aging and thus never never dies (naturally)!
As for the reason for this surprising ability is a biological process called Transdifferentiation, means the ability of the organism to regeneration of body cells, such as salamanders while growing parts of his body broken again, but the object is strange that we are talking about today can renew his entire body!
And made up 95% of the body EFCT (like any jellyfish) of water, and has no brain and digestive system! And ranging in size from 4-5 mm.

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