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Russian posted a video of an intimate relationship with her ​​boyfriend on the Internet to force him to marry her!

روسية تنشر شريطا مصورا لعلاقة حميمة مع صديقها على الإنترنت لإجباره على الزواج منها!
It seems that some women do not hesitate to do anything to get his way, was a woman Ttarstanah publish a video of her intimate relationship with her ​​boyfriend on the Internet in order to force him to marry her.

The news agency quoted Russian 'RIA Novosti' Directorate-General for Research and Investigation with Tatarstan saying that the young woman in the 28-year-old has published an intimate bar for her and her boyfriend on one social networking sites and under a pseudonym in order to force him to marry her.

She drew the Directorate that the girl is facing charges of violation of the Privacy Act, pointing out that in the event of condemnation doomed year of community service.

He added that after that faced her boyfriend, she would remove the tape after he marries. She said the young man decided to resort to breaking the dreams of police access to young boys dreams.

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