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Bosnian displays "pornographic films" on his campaign Web consolation for voters

بوسني يعرض

The Mirad Haji Ahmtovic, an independent candidate for the office of Mayor of the City of Bosnian Zenatse, introduced pornographic films on his campaign on the Internet, as a kind of consolation to voters who visit yet. As reported by this candidate, the voters during the municipal elections expected in October next will be of a certain segment, especially those who are interested in their children would be able to make love quietly in their homes, instead of hanging out abroad and they smoked hashish as unemployed.

The candidate said on his that if he was elected actually, it would seek with his constituents to build a good place in Zenatse fit for a dignified life. But in addition to his program, it displays on his video recordings of a pornographic nature, and under different items dubbed names such as «video sexy Wonder mayor, or« video of gay men », or« video for lesbian women.

What is unique in all of this is that the video images do not appear to the viewer unless he answered some questions ridiculous political candidate-driven. At the end of each video recording head candidate to voters, saying: «If you like what you saw, vote for me!». This recognizes the independent candidate as well as commercial activities in the field of real estate, it is also practiced activities within the context of 'leisure management.

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