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Turkish man arrested on charges of raping a neighbor's cow!

اعتقال ثمانيني تركي بتهمة اغتصاب بقرة جاره!
Police arrested in the state of Konya Turkish man at the age of eighty attempted to rape his neighbor's cow.   The newspaper "Hurriyet", Turkish attempt took place yesterday evening,
when a man walked to reassure the animals in the stable area Eregli in Konya, central Anatolia, to find the man as he tried to rape the cow.   The owner of the animals with the brother-in-law to expel the man from the stable, but the latter returned this morning to the stable owner brandishing a weapon demanding not to reveal what had happened to one, and was reported to the police who arrested the man and confiscated weapons.   The reports said that the man had been arrested in the past in his apartment, accompanied by two women after he complained neighbors on charges of indecent acts. The incident comes about a week after the arrest of a Turkish city of Bursa on charges of raping a duck, was released later.   And punishable by law to protect animals in Turkey sexual assault by a fine of about 250 Turkish Liras, "$ 138."

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