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Wash your car 9 times in Malaysia and get ..Free sex!!

إغسل سيارتك 9 مرّات في ماليزيا واحصل على.. جنس مجاني!!

Malaysian company contracted to the car wash with a massage center, to make an offer is unique, a free sex to the customer who washes his car 9 times.
The Malaysian media that the car wash company has stopped working last Monday night after police raided a massage center in the area Sanwaa Mntara, which lies 15 kilometers from Kuala Lumpur.

And detained at the center, 9 women from Vietnam believed that they were prostitutes.
The police officials said they learned of the agreement after it found several cards to car wash with 5 customers have been caught having sex with the girls during the raid.

4 men arrested also believed to be behind the trade.
The police official said Amy Shah, said that in order to get on the show "customers send their cars to washing 9 times during a specified period, and in the tenth time getting free sex."

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