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Billionaire spent $ 2 million for Dating Girl


Malaysian billionaire spent $ 2 million a dinner date for attracting Taiwanese pop star.

Billionaire Malaysian businessman Joe Lu, who became famous because of his concerts crazy Hollywood celebrities, and News that he had a surprise artist Taiwanese Elva Hacio date dinner cost about $ 2 million in hotel and resort in Dubai, according to the newspaper "Norte", which quoted the site (Asia WAN) that this romantic dinner during which roses and fruit, jewelry, music and fireworks on the hotel's private beach.
There was also the heart of the candles on the beach, and the giant neon lights suspended heart-shaped name "Elva" and "Joe."
During dinner two men fell by parachute from the sky and came to Elva necklace, and was followed by a fireworks display.
Throughout the night, the couple embrace, and although she cried because of the event but Elva rejected 'proposal' Joe because she considers like her younger brother.
Now reportedly dating singer currently Representative Ku, who 12 years her junior, and they were on holiday in Bali.

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