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Missing tourist involved in the search for herself next to the police!

سائحة مفقودة تشارك في عمليات البحث عن نفسها بجانب الشرطة!
Participated lady was not aware of that have been reported as a missing person in the search by the end of this week in Iceland, where he was reported to the authorities that the woman, which did not disclose the identity, missing on 26 of August / August during a trip to a major tourist attractions in the country.

The visiting international according to the newspaper "Middle" Saudi Arabia ", standing at tourist attraction which is located in the south of the country with the tour bus, and then I went to the toilet to revive her and change her clothes, but the trip advisor and passengers were not able to identify them, did not know are the same that Description missing person in a communication sent to the applicable authorities.

The search continued and widespread with the help of helicopters and Coast Guard and volunteers and 50 members of the tourist trip, women did not realize the situation only after two days of search and reported to the police and then stop the search.

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