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American woman marries suspected of killing their daughter to get the evidence!

سيدة أمريكية تتزوج المشتبه بقتل ابنتها لتحصل على الأدلة!

To get more details about the fate of her daughter, who disappeared in June of last year, I decided an American woman to marry suspected of killing her daughter perhaps get more details about its fate.

Ariel said Cortland Radio "Wood" It's going to marry Shan Phillips, who was convicted last April and jailed on charges of illegal confinement of their daughter Catherine Phillips, who disappeared from her home in Michigan on June 29, 2011.

Asked why she goes on the move, explained Cortland that since the law prevents them from visiting Phillips unless there is kinship with him, I decided to marry him, hoping to help her now closer than enough to ask him about her daughter, and confirmed that it had done all in its power to avoid this step.

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