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Royal Wedding 2012 Sultan of Brunei celebrates marriage of daughter, 32

Forged Brunei Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah, the richest men in the world, the wedding - Fabled than Gala marriage, Crown Prince of Britain - for his daughter, who was married to the groom بنجيران Haj Mohammed, on Thursday at the Brunei Sultan Palace component of 1700 rooms.
The Princess Bride Hafsa Bolkiah (32 years), the fifth daughter of the Sultan of Brunei and his wife Queen Raja valid, and her husband بنجيران Haj Mohammed (29) years, the Koran was held Thursday afternoon in front of dozens of friends and family.
And will be officially celebrated at the Royal on Sunday, which falls most days of the week peak at the wedding ceremonies in Brunei, are expected to attend the wedding Southeast Asian leaders and foreign monarchs to post Islamic sultanate of Brunei delight wedding.

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