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Saudi accept pairing fiance on the condition that he marry her three friends

سعودية تقبل الاقتران بخطيبها بشرط أن يتزوج صديقاتها الثلاث

Stipulated teacher is willing to marry her fiance Advanced her to marry her three friends at school that operates at one time, or shall be disregarded and not marry her.

After pressure close to him he is convinced the idea and groom had to marry the three friends of the bride authorized by a legitimate one, and has three parameters rented 3 apartments in one building each apartment of their own, according to the newspaper "Al-Watan" Kuwaiti.

According to the newspaper, the wives gather in the apartment of one of which will be a date for the night and cooperate in the work of cooking and cleaning, and assistance in all household obligations.

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