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French store shopping allows women and men buy! - Photos

متجر فرنسي يتيح للنساء تسوق وشراء الرجال ! - صور

Can now single Frenchwomen who walk around in Parisian markets to return to their homes with a man in their shopping cart!.

Has opened site dating French stores, in a months streets competent fashion and fashion in Paris, displays of the shop wants subscriber men on the front of the shop in addition to the stock of another real men and stocks of other images and information about the subscriber location within the store! Allowing women shoppers choose between "men's squad" vast displayed in the store.

The store owner to show men of subscribers website inside the store and on the facades not only activity propaganda purely can not shoppers "buy" actual men, but the idea of this activity propaganda is the status of women in the lead management process dating and relationship building Social to overcome the system typical accepted a policy of this website.

Store also displays thousands of personal files to website subscribers and earns fees in return for contact information and monthly subscriptions Active its own email.

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